Upper Body


Body-Solid Plate Loaded Lat Machine



Bicep Bomber
Uniquely contoured design allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders while keeping your back and elbows locked in the perfect curling
position. The Bicep Bomber features a 1000 lb. capacity webbed nylon belt and a thick, oversize neoprene neck pad for complete comfort. Dense
elbow pads further ensure comfort and stability for safer and more efficient workouts.


Best Fitness Vertical Knee Raise

Body Solid Tools 6 Black Duel Grip Medicine Balls #BSTDMB


Body Solid Tools6Lb. Black Duel Grip Medicine Ball #BSTDMB6

Body-Tools Dual-Grip Medicine Balls
Medicine balls are ideal for every day use because they are compact enough to keep in any room. Best of all, Body-Solid has taken dual-grip medicine ball design and updated it with a fresh modern look and user-friendly features:

• Durable rubber easy-grip handles for comfort and freedom of movement during both one- and two-handed exercises
• Solid weighted core
• Ideal for a wide range of upper and lower body exercises, including swings and rotational movements
• Incremental weights between 6 lb. and 20 lb. let you vary the intensity of your routines





Tricking your body into working out with at a heavier weight than it is accustomed to will lead to better conditioning and increased strength, speed and explosiveness. Add resis-tance to your workout with a Body-Sold 20lb. Weighted Vest. These vests are adjustable allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of resistance between 1-20lbs using 1lb. weight rods. Features fully adjustable velcro straps which allows customizing the fit to your body and torso and proper placement of the weights, resulting in optimal center of gravity without restricting any type of range of motion.



Bicep Tricep with Frame and 200Lb. Stack


Lat Mid Row Machine with Frame and 200Lb. Stack

Door Frame Pull-up Gym PUB34


Door Frame Pull-up GymChin-Up Bar PUB34
Uniquely designed pro-style doorway Chin-Up Bar is constructed of heavy gauge reinforced steel. Multi-use design is large and sturdy enough for any size user. Quickly and easily mounts to doorway full 10" out and away from doorway frame for head clearance when doing full range pull-ups. Convenient lift-out design for easy storage.
Includes mounting hardware. Capacity: 300 lbs.



Adjustable cable Column with Frame and 200Lb. Stack


Pec Rear Delt Machine with Frame and 200Lb. Stack